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    FINALLY! Setup Viewer for iRacing 4.0 IS HERE!!

    I was able to team up with fellow iRacer and Computer Programming college student Chris Kimrey and make the much needed update based on feedback in the iRacing forums thread. Here are some of the highlights: iRacing Setup Viewer by Type
  • Sort by car type! (Road, Oval, Dirt Road and Oval, and Legacy Road and Oval)
  • Ability to sort by sub-folders or tracks!
  • Choose your colors and fonts preference!
  • EXPORT current view of setups in the viewer to .csv (spreadsheet format that can be opened in MS Excel or Google Sheets)
    iRacing Setup Viewer by Track
    iRacing Setup Viewer Preferences

    Well, there you have it! Many, Many Thanks to Chris for doing the legwork and teaching me some programming stuff! We look forward to your feedback!

    Stint Average App

    Watching NASCAR races these days, the announcers are usually mentioning who has the best 10 lap, and sometimes 20 lap average during practices leading up to the race. During my own testing, I am looking for long run speed but really had no way of easily calculating my 10 lap, 20 lap, and 30 lap averages. Sure, I could sit there and do the math long-hand but that takes a lot of time. So, Stint Average App was born!

    Stint Average App Looking through the forums, I found David Tucker's thread about Logitech's ARX and how it was integrated with iRacing. Folks were writing Javascript applications using the API from iRacing. I thought I could do that, and so I did. I started writing this app about 3 years ago! I have used it over those years, adding information and updating the code. Now, I am satisfied with this current version enough to release it and hope it helps the community with their testing of setups. The .zip file includes a Readme file to explain how to install, where to get Logitech's ARX program (no, you do not need any Logitech devices to use it), and some info on how to use the app. More information about ARX can be found in David Tucker's forum post here.

    The app records your laptimes and then averages them at 10, 20, and 30 lap intervals. This will let you know right away if the change you made to the setup made you faster over the longer run or not. The upper left hand corner indicates the track you are at, the setup name currently loaded to the car and the Track Temp in real time.
    The bottom left corner tells you how many laps you've run in the session, the last lap time, your best lap time in the session and what lap number that came on. Lastly, that table tells you how many laps you've run in the current stint and the average lap time at 10 , 20, and 30 laps.
    The app does not import the lap times you have already run. The laps are recorded AS YOU RUN THEM. The button labeled 'In Progress' in the picture is the reset button. So, before heading out on to the track for a stint, press the button to reset the stint. It will then say 'Ready!' and turn green. Each time you cross the S/F line, the app will record the lap time in the tables on the right.

    ARX Settings in iRacing The screenshot to the left shows the Options screen in iRacing and highlights where you will select the app used by your tablet. Once selected, the app should start displaying info about the session. As you start to run laps, the lap charts will populate.
    Email me at rich.jamison.work@gmail.com if you have any questions!

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